Yakult and Pudding Soup to Invigorate Your Soul During Iftar

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Yakult has become a popular drink for Indonesian community. This fermented milk with healthy probiotic bacteria in it has a bit sour yet invigorating. Moreover, there is one new way to enjoy this drink, make it into yakult and pudding soup.

This sweet, sour yet invigorating drink will be perfect to be mixed with pudding. Taken from yummy. co. id, this is how to create a perfect recipe of yakult and pudding soup.


2-3 bottle of Yakult

enam tbs of vanilla ice cream

ice cube

pudding with various flavors

It’s so easy to be prepared. All you need is just shake the yakult, ice cube and vanilla ice cream in a blender till it mixed well.

Add a scoop of ice cream on top of it and finish it with sprinkle of pudding on it. An easy yet delicious way to enjoy yakult eh? Well, why don’t you take your blender and try to make your own yakult and pudding soup?