What’s Good about the Language Development Center of UIN Malang?

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – The Language Development Center of UIN Malang has committed to make their place become Language Development Centre which always be one step ahead either in education, training, translating process, rearch, and social service.

To achieve this goal, UIN Malang has distinguished their goals into several programs and push their limit. Thise programs are:

1. The Arabic Intensive Rencana

During this program, the fresh students must to join this class for a full year. This class will be hold a full year. And at the end of their study, they will be certified with their mark during the program on it. It’s for free.

2. English Intensive Program

The english intensive rencana should be followed by all the students o their 2nd year. Gandar arabic intensive program, the class will be conducted for a full, three times in a week in 3 consecutive hours all for free.


Bahasa Indonesia Penutur Asing (BIPA) or BIPA is a program that allows foreign students who study in UIN Malang training their speaking skill in Cara with all the students of the university which practically Bahasa Indonesia is their mother tongue for free. During this year this program was conducted online.

4. CLCC and Peruvian

Now UIN Malang has added Chinese Language and Culture Center (CLCC) and Peruvian for Persian Language. This program could be followed by those who would like to join in it for free.

5. Massive number of lecturers

The Language Development Center has around 135 professors for Arabic program which ready to have you a lecture. In accordance, they still have another 37 professors for English, 5 for BIPA, 3 for Mandarin, and 1 for Peruvian. So there will be 181 in total.

6. Making their own text book

For the good sake of the students and professors, they have made their own text book. One of them had been published in 2017.


It’s an Arabic test for foreign language which usually used by the students to accelerate their speaking skills in Arabic. Up until now, UIN malang has already graduates around 400 students through this program. Gandar well UKBI, they are collaborating with local competence Bahasa center for it.

With all these advantages, no wonder that Language Development Center of UIN Malang has become one prestigious place in the country.