Various Fresh Beverages for Iftar at Pamekasan

TIMESINDONESIA, PAMEKASAN – There is a new mini beverage booth in Pamekasan, Madura that will make your Iftar complete. This booth sells various beverages that will make you feel refreshed after the fasting.

This booth has a concept of mini street café bartender, located in the left side of the berperan gate of SMKN 1 Pamekasan.

Militan, it is what they call it. They serve various beverages, such as mocktail and powdered drinks.

What about the price? Fret not! This mini street café serves beverages with very affordable prices.

One bottle of any beverage costs from IDR 8, 000 to IDR 10, 000. “We sell drinks for the millennials, ” said Faisol, the owner of this mini street café.

There are various types of mocktail, such as Rainbow Mellow, Deep Blue Sea, Lime Blue, Melon Squash, Lychee Squash, and Orange Squash.

“We want to serve various flavors of drink so that the customers may have a broader choice of beverages, ” said Faisol to TIMES Indonesia.

The flavors of the powdered drinks served here are Chocolate, Avocado, Bubble Gum, Cappuccino, Banana, Taro, Green Tea, and Vanilla White. (*)