US Ambassador Acknowledges the Beauty of Galo-Galo Cave

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Morotai seems never runs out of beautiful places for diving. This time it has a stunning underwater cave known as Galo-Galo Cave. This cave surely offers you another experience of diving.

Galo-Galo cave located at Galo-Galo village, Morotai. Its located deep down 27 meter under the sea. It has 10-15 meter tunnel that you could explore.

When natural land cave will be decorated with stalagmites, this underwater cave was decorated with thousands of beautiful corals on the cave wall. This makes the cave looks even more exotic.

Located down under the sea, the divers suggested to bring some torch with them. In this cave, other than those beautiful corals, you will found enchanting school of fishes. You could also meet some stingrays and lobster yourselves.

Not only domestic tourist, this place has been acknowledged by the foreign tourist such as US Ambassador for Indonesia Joseph R Donovan Jr and crew.

During his visit to this place in 2019, Donovan Jr admires the beauty of this underwater site. He also said that the local community has been blessed to live in such beautiful place.

You could reach Galo-Galo cave within 40 minutes from Daruba, Morotai by boat. You could also ask some favor from the local tour guide such as Shark Diving Indonesia to accompany your diving at this place for sure. (*)