UIN Malang Distributes ‘Bilik KAVi’ to Mosques and Islamic Boarding Schools to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – The spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 is accelerating. Through the program called as UIN Mengabdi , UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang (UIN Malang) distributes Bilik KAVi (Anti-virus booth) to mosques and Islamic boarding schools in Malang.

The distribution of these booths was done on Friday (3/4/2020) on the campus yard. Ten booths were given to each representatives of mosque organizations and Islamic boarding schools.

The Rector of UIN Malang, Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Haris, M. Ag, said that these booths were given to the mosques and Islamic boarding schools nearby UIN Malang.

“I hope that booth can help us prevent the spread of Coronavirus. This is an innovation from UIN Malang, ” he stated.

The mosques that received Bilik KAVi are the mosques situated in Sumbersari, Ketawang Gede, and Merjosari. Meanwhile, the Islamic boarding schools that received this booth are Anwarul Huda Islamic Boarding School and Sabilurrosad Gasek Islamic Boarding School.

The inventor of Bilik KAVi, Dr. Iman Tazi, said that this anti-virus booth is able to kill germs and bacteria. It is quite simple to use this thing.

The person who enters this booth has to turn his body around and lift his hands up. The purpose is to get rid of the virus that sticks on the clothes.

“You need to hold your breath for 10 minutes when you are in this booth, then get out. The spray is made of pure alcohol mixed with water with the ratio of 1: 1. However, you should not bring your phone and cigarette with you into this booth, ” he explained.

The Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. Sri Harini, said that this distribution was done for free, plus 5 liter of alcohol. However, if the alcohol spray has run out, the receivers of this booth should refill it by themselves.

Meanwhile, the Head of LP2M UIN Malang, Dr . Tutik Hanidah, said that Bilik KAVi was made in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

“The governments have issued social distancing policy in many public places, such as places of worship, and other public places. However, some mosques are still holding a mass Friday prayer. Therefore, the people can use this booth before entering the mosque to make sure they are safe, ” he stated.

Bilik KAVi donated by UIN Malang to mosques and Islamic boarding schools can be used directly. The public, the students at Moslem schools, and the worshippers can take the advantage of the facilities given by UIN Malang. (*)