Trying Fish Pedicure at Sumber Sentong Probolinggo? Why Not!

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – Are you eager to see lots of friendly fish that come to you whenever you get closer to the water? Well you could find this experience at Sumber Sentong Probolinggo. This place will give you such an unforgettable moment of playing with thousands of fish surrounding your feet.

Located at Jrebeng Wetan, Kedopok, Probolinggo, East Java, this place wad merely and abandoned fish pool. But then, the local community decided to turn this pool into one nice place to hang out and fill it with thousands friendly fish.

Wisata-Terapi-Ikan-2.jpg Fish pedicure at Sumber Sentong. (PHOTO: Happy/TIMES Indonesia)

The project was started in the middle of 2020 when the pandemic had just struck the country. In their opinion, this place could be a nice place to just spend their time especially for the local community after a hard day of work.

This place was expected to be a nice place to fill their longing for nice places for they had gone a local semi lockdown where they couldn’t go anywhere outside their area. They also build some shades to make the visitors feel mire comfortable during their visit.

The red carp fish were added to the pool. There were around 1300 fishes added to the pool at the beginning. And now, they probably have delivered some of their babies and make the number of the fish in this pool grows by time.

Most of the fish are very friendly. They will come close to you once you dip your feet in it and do what so people usually called gandar fish pedicure. “They tickle our toes and take out some of dead skin we have. It’s deadly tickling and fun, ” Pephy, a local visitor said.

Furing this pandemic, the this place could welcome around 30 to 50 visitors in a day. They mainly came from the neighborhood areas. The most interesting part you could go to this place for free.

But if you would like to ride some attractions like the paddle boat or water bike or may be would like to feed the fish with pellet you will need to spend a couple cent. Not much, but it brings you tons of fun. So what do you think? Will you out Sumber Sentong of Probolinggo on your travel list? (*)