This Teacher Visited the Poor Students with No Smartphone for Home Schooling

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Mukhlis, a teacher at SDN (elementary school) 03 Desa Purwodadi, Tirtoyudo, Malang, has to visit his students in the back beyond to do home schooling.

Mukhlis has to do this since almost half of his students are coming from poor family with no smartphone. “Its not a big deal for me, as long as they have what they should have, ” Mukhlis said.

Still according to Mukhlis, the students’ passion is his biggest encourage and support to visit them from day to day. He has done this method for about two weeks since the social distancing rule forced by the government.

There are around 23 students in his class. 10 of them has no smartphone at their house. This happens to most of the students at the school. Jujur even has to teach lots of subject in the school for they lack of teacher.

In doing this method, Mukhlis not only visit his students in the morning, but also at night when they already have some spare time since they have to thelp their parents at the farm in the daylight.

“Its sad to see them like this. They don’t even have mask to wear, ” Mukhlis who visited his students who has no smartphone for home schooling added. (*)