This is How Waingapu Community Conduct a Funeral Service

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The local community of Waingapu , East Nusa Tenggara has indah exotic way to memorize the dead body of their loved one. They have an exotic funeral service as well peduli astonishing way of treating the dead body.

Before the funeral service started, the will sacrifice some cattle to be served to those who join on the funeral service. “The cattle meant to be given to the spirit of the elder which is believed also joining the funeral service, ” Yudi Rawambaku, a local cultural practitioner said on Saturday (30/5/2020).

In addition, still according to Yudi, the dead body will be positioned like when they were in the womb, sit and holding both of their feet. The dead body will be kept in their house for several months, even several years, until they decided to bury it.

“The burial ceremony will cost much. They will need to slaugh some cattles to be served to their guests. So they need to save more and wait for the right moment to bury the dead body, ” Yudi added.

The castles will be slaughtered near a big drum made of metal. On the burial ceremony, the dead body will be carried by the members of the family.

The dead body of will be buried in a place covered with a shade like a kecil house. They dead body will be covered in a small round stone first before it covered with a bigger stone.

The process includes lots of stone of custom made which cost them lots of money. This what makes the funeral service to the burial ceremony of Waingapu Community East Nusa Tenggara cost much and need months to years to be done. (*)