This is How Indonesia Automodified (IAM) 2020 at Sleman City Hall Goes

TIMESINDONESIA, SLEMAN – An ultimate indoor automotive show has just been held at Sleman City Hall, Sleman Yogyakarta. This show which is so called as Indonesia Automodified (IAM) 2020 brings out dozens of shining and stunning modified cars that will make your jaw drop.

Sadly, this show only held for two days from September 5-6 2020 at 10. 00-20. 00 local western times. This sow planned to be held earlier, but since the pandemic they have to change all their plans and delayed the show until today.


“We barely have any activity or show for the last 6 months. And it makes the member of community longing for their regular show and keeps asking for it. So, there it goes, ” Relation and Creative Content Indonesian Automodified, Momski said on Sunday (6/9/2020).

The cars that has been modified such gandar Odyssey, Wins Garage, Wakaba, Freedom Syndicate, Wisanggeni Daffa Cars and many more are joining the show. Each of them has their own style from JDM, Stance, Street Racing to VIP Car.


A little bit different to the latest show they had, the management put a police line around the car to maintain a distance between the visitors and the cars. She also never stops reminding very of the visitors to follow the protocol for their own safety.

Before the pandemic, Indonesia Automodified (IAM) was also held on several cities in the country. It even held around South East Asia just to show their best modified cars around the world. (*)