This is How Festival Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021 Went

TIMESINDONESIA, MATARAM – Pandemic doesn’t stop the local government of West lombok to hold Festival Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021 or the Harmony Festival of West lombok 2021. They keeping holding it by applying the safety protocolds needed that suit to nowadays situation.

To keep everyone’s safety, the local government limited the number of audience at the location. They prefer to stream it online on YouTube at Dinas Wisata Kabupaten Lombok Barat account.

The Pesta was held at The Jayakarta Resort on Saturday (10/4/2021). The audiences were entertained by lots of performance from the traditional to modern dance.

Festival Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021 2 The Broadway Dance at Festival Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021. (PHOTO: Dispar Lombok Barat)

“We hold the local youngsters who have some passion in dancing to join the performance as well to preserve the local culture, ” H Saiful Ahlam, the Head of West Lombok Tourism Department said.

The event was started with an amazing Broadway Dance, a modern dance which accentuate the musical aspect with a nice rhythm and move. Followed with Betek Baris Dance, a traditional dance resembles seragam army when they are lining up.

The festival were then hype up with Taru Egrang Tambok or the stilts dance. Thee music were played several kids by using coconut shell which they knock on the floor in rhythm. Stilts has become one traditional game played by the local kids from then till now.

Festival Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021 3 The Batek Baris Dance. (PHOTO: Dispar Lombok Barat)

The street dance following next which performed by several modern dancers. The dance was performed by those group from Martapura Tample. Last but not least, the Fire Dance becomes the ultimate dance performed on the closing.

All the dances performed make either the online audience or those who watch Kegiatan Harmoni Lombok Barat 2021 directly at The Jayakarta Resort awing and drop their jaw from amazed. This has become one unforgettable experience for them to see this kegiatan. (*)