This Activities Help You Focus Even If You Were Fasting

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Fasting sometimes make you lack of focus. You can’t just concentrate on something and then in one click you just forget everything even when you just said or heard it.

However, there are several activities you can do at home to help you stay focus during Ramadhan. Here are things you need to do to keep your stay focus.

1. Get enough sleep

Make sure you have enough sleeping daily. At least for 7 to 8 hours in a day. Enough sleep will help your cognitive which affecting your way of thinking and your ability to store memories.

Try to create a timetable for sleeping time. And make sure you sleep on time.

2. Consume more foods with vitamin B, C, E and those which rich in magnesium

Try to fulfill your need of healthy food such as orange, carrots, spinach, and another green veggies to support your needs of vitamin B, C, E and magnesium. As its it’s good for your immune systems it will also support your cognitive abilities.

3. Exercise

A regular exercise will also helps you focus more and keep you concentrate to your task. You could do simple exercise but do it consecutively such as jogging, yoga, or just walk your dog in the evening.

4. Rest your eyes for a minute

Resting your eyes and set your mind to be relax for at least 15 minutes will help you gain your focus back. You could walk out of your room, readinga novel or do things you like for those time.

These simple activities will surely help you gain your focus straight back. Especially on this fasting month, Ramadhan. (*)