These are Indonesian Drinks of Palm Sugar That Hit the Spot

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Indonesian has their own way to serve local drinks with berserakan ultimate delicacy. Surprisingly, the key to the taste was palm sugar syrup. Some of the drinks are good to be serve on any occasion. Some of them will be refreshing things on summer and some will be good to go in the winter or drizzly day.

We have several list of local dessert drink that made of palm sugar along with its instructions for you. Check this out.

Es Cendol

This drink is one of the most traditional drinks that Indonesia has! It consists of coconut milk, brown sugar, and shaved ice. Added with the thinly-shaped green rice flour jelly called cendol. This refreshing cold and sweet drink are suitable for hot days.

Es Caon

Es Caon is another local beverage and dessert that will hit the summer. It’s particularly made of green grass leaves that been chopped and squeezed in the water.

Get 5 handfuls of green grass leaves orca on leaves, cleaned thoroughly and chopped coarsely. Squeeze until the leaves release their essence and are mixed with the water; then strain the resulting juice and place in a clean bowl

Let it rest until the juice thickens and sets. You can put in the refrigerator to speed up the setting process. Once it’s ready scoop and put it into a glass. Add coconut milk, palm sugar syrup, a pinch of salt and ice cube. And your tasty refreshing es caon is ready to serve.


This drink is such indah angle especially in the winter. It could warm your body as well bring your energy back. To make this, place coconut milk, coffee, palm sugar, and pandan leaves in a pot. Bring to a boil on to medium heat, stir frequently to prevent the coconut milk from curdling.

Once it boils and the palm sugar has all dissolved, turn off heat. Discard the pandan leaves, Add some slices of toddy palm fruit to each glass. You could also topped it with ice cubes if you prefer cold bajigur.


Bandrek is also suit to hit the winter. It’s usually served hotand the taste is sweet and spicy since there a sting of ginger in it. Yes this drink is made of a mixture of ginger essence, palm sugar syrup and cinnamon.

You will also find a strong taste of cloves, star anise, coriander seeds, cardamom pods, lemongrass, and a small amount of black pepper are sometimes added. And sometimes people will add condensed milk to it.

Those are some of Indonesian drinks with ultimate taste and delicacy. You could also search some other recipe made of palm sugar on the internet. Have fun!