The Negative Effects of Consuming Too Much Butter

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – No one can resist a slice of warm fresh bread with a thick pat of butter on top of it served on your table in the morning. Yummy!! But do you know that consuming too much butter also has negative effects?

Butter consists of milk, water, 80% of milk fat, and perhaps 2% of salt which is added directly into it. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, and E, and proteins. Butter without the salt is also referred to as sweet butter.

Taken from Tempo, a research shows that 5 of 3000 people which consume 12 gr of bread rich in butter daily gets a bigger chance to get diabetes.

Another research conducted in Mediterranean which includes 3. 349 Spanish with no diabetes shows that after consuming hutter for 4, 5 years, they starting to show some symptoms of heart disease and diabetes.

The result shows that 266 of them has diabetes. Though butter has a good taste and perfect to be added in a ny food that we have during our meals, we still need to limit the daily intake to avoid these negative effects. (*)