The Government Takes the Local Media to Sound Bali to the World

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The government through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) stated that the local media has a big role in informing and supporting the local tourism especially those tourist destinations in Bali.

For this, Kemenparekraf has taken some further steps by working together with another ministry to handle the Covid-19 situation. They also asked the help of the local media as one of their solution.

“The local media has a huge role in bringing back visitors’ trust through positive news they spread about Bali, ” an Expert Staff for Crisis Management at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Hengky Manurung said on Thursday (10/9/2020).

Hengky also hopes that the local media will help them to spread how the local government has prepared the city into one place that fit the new condition the world’s has now.

Meanwhile, The Head of the Local Tourism Department of Bali I Putu Astawa said they have tied to do anything to bring back the tourist to this Island of God. They even have reopened the tourism gate gradually since July 2020 for the local and at the end of august for domestic tourist.

“Before the pandemic, there are around 16 thousand people visiting this city in a day, but as the pandemic goes and after we reopened the gate for the tourist we have around 2. 5 – 5 thousands tourist visit in a day, ” Putu Aswana said.

Putu Astawa also said that through the local media they hope that tourism industry in Bali will stand back and bring back the local economic growth. They will also pay more attention to the hygiene and sanitized of the local so they won’t have an upcoming second wave of Covid-19. (*)