Taliabu and Its Hidden Underwater Paradise

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Taliabu has been known with its underwater beauty. Lots of people has venn visiting this place to see it s beauty. People came from every corner of the country or even those foreign tourist has proven that this place has such a stunning underwater beauty.

“The underwater beauty has be come the main attraction for diving. It has dozens species of corals and fishes. It has dolphins, Giant Trevally, Stingrays, and more, ” Herman A Musa, the Leader of Ngori Dive Community of Taliabu said.

isata selam bawa Laut di Kabupaten Pulau Taliabu

During their time of diving, this group found two enchanting spot that will please everyone who dive in it. Those are located at Seho Island and Tanjung Karamat.

However, Herman said that they haven’t explored all the area, especially in North Taliabu, East Taliabu, and North East Taliabu. Furthermore, he also said that there are lot more hidden panoramic underwater scenery to be explored in these tempat.

isata selam bawa Laut di Kabupaten Pulau Taliabu

Herman also said that these places need everyone’s support including the local government to be developed and acknowledged by the people in the world. “We are ready to support the government in exploring the beauty of Taliabu diving spot, ” Herman ended.