Sony Widodo, the Owner of Griya Rak Ponorogo

TIMESINDONESIA, PONOROGO – Sony Widodo, a wonderful guy of Ponorogo never give up on his life after being sent home by his company in the early pandemic. He tries another idea by opening a furniture workshop at his house in Ponorogo. His workshop known as Griya Rak Ponorogo.

Located at Sidomulyo, Desa Village, Babadan, Ponorogo, East Java he started his business from the scratch. With the skill he has from his school and his experiences of helping his father at work he used some of his saving to start his business on April 2020.


“I took a chance by producing wall shelf that has been quite popular lately. I mostly use teak wood that I got from Yogyakarta, ” the guy said on Monday (15/6/2020).

With a high quality product, he only charges his customers for IDR 25 K to IDR 500 K depends on the size and design. He even gives free installation service for those who lives in the local kawasan not far from his house.


Some customers outside of the city such as Manokwari, Papua, Tangerang, Bekasi loves his products after finding it out in online market. For now, he has two people assist him working with all customize wall shelf order in Griya Para-para Ponorogo. (*)