Several Foods Need to be Avoid with Diabetes

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Most people with diabetes understand that they need to avoid sugary foods. Little did they know, it doesn’t mean literally sugar, but all food with high sugar in it even though some people without diabetes will consider it as healthy.

Here, we list you several foods with high levels of natural or artificial sweeteners that will threaten the life of diabetics. Check them out.

Red meat

Nitrite in meat can impair the function of the pancreas. In addition, the iron in red meat can increase insulin resistance. High saturated fat can cause cardiovascular disease and sakit. So then, this is bad for diabetics.

Rice and bread

Rice is high in carbohydrate as well sugar. Likewise, bread, pretzels or cakes also high in sugar. If you take a quick look on the recipe you will find lots of sugar added in the making. White bread in another side, having no sugar in the food, the refined grains are digested by the body quickly and are processed like sugar. White bread can cause blood glucose spikes that can be dangerous for people with diabetes.

Isotonic, flavored water or and soft drinks

Regular soft drinks are horrible for those with diabetes. One 12-ounce can of soda has as much as 39 grams of sugar. As soft drink, flavored water used to be disguised as a healthy option until companies were told to do otherwise. For example, VitaminWater sounds like an excellent choice. It has vitamins! Wrong… They are the things you should be aware of.

Fruit or Canned Food

Those with diabetes should avoid sodium as much as they can, which is why canned vegetables can be a bad option. Rather than sodium, canned fruit or fruit packed in syrup can be high in sugar. For example, fruit cups have 15 grams sugar.

Whole milk products

Some products made from milk such as ice cream and condensed milk or milk cream, for example, are high in fats and sugars. Some brands can have as much as 7 grams of fat and 14 grams of sugar for half a cup.

Smoothies or Juice

Smoothies or juices including cocktails and alcoholic drinks can deceive you since its high in sugar. Orange juice contains 33gr of sugar per serving which almost gandar high as your coke. These foods sometimes tempt those people with diabetes without they knowing the risk they face ahead.