Setigi, The First Tourist Destination Ever Opened in Gresik During New Normal

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK – Setigi an abbreviation of Selo, Tirto, Giri which in the local language means as Rock, Water, and Cliff is one amazing tourist destination in Gresik, East Java with its stunning natural stone scenery. This place was the first tourist destinations opened in Gresik during this new normal time.

Back then, with its beautiful scenery around Setigi was formerly a merely abandoned limestone quarry. The local government than desired to turn this abandoned quarry into a magnificent place that steal people’s attention.

Before the pandemic struck the country, the tourist destination which perenggan just been opened at the beginning of 2020 has welcome so much visitors either from the local to the international one. Lots of tourists such as those from Canada, USA, France, Australia, Holand, Thailand and Malaysia has ever visited this place.

Setigi has around 13 attractions in it with hundreds of beautiful spot for selfie. It’s also located near an International standard hotel such as Aston Inn, Gress mall and Rahmawati floating restaurant.

The management turned the abandoned stone into a beautiful art of huge dragon head, artistic statue, and many more. It also has a lovely bridge upon a small lake, a beautiful waterfall, some pools and many more.

“Its absolutely stunning, this beautiful landmark is the best place to spend your day while resting your mind and get away from all thos Coronavirus issue, ” Prof Zainuddin Maliki, a member of Gresik Senate said while visiting segitu on Sunday (30/5/2020).

To get in to this beautiful site, you need to pay admission fee for IDR 15 K per each. With it’s beautiful scenery around, Setigi is sa super affordable place you could visit in Gresik, East Java to erase your boredom. Remember always put on a mask anywhere you go.