Seaweed for Your Ifthar Beverage

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – It’s not a bad thing to sip something freshy and sweet on your ifthar. Well, this seaweed and cocopandan syrup could be your alternative beverage.

It’s not the dry salty seaweed or nori, but it’s more to fresh seaweed with its chewy, crunchy, and freshy taste that you could also get in Asian or Indonesian market. They usually stacked together with jubes.

It’s quite easy to make this sweet beverage. You only need to get the seweed and cocopandan syrup. But, normally they only sell red cocopandan syrup.

You could made your own syrup with beautiful green color you need with pandan leaves. Boil 60gr of sugar and a liter of water. Add green food coloring to your taste.

Add the seaweed into it, put vanilla for the flavour and nice smell. Let it sit till it’s cold. And then you could add ice cubes before you serve it. Easy isn’t it. (*)