Remember Our Smile with ARTOTEL Group

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – ARTOTEL Group holds a campaign called Remember Our Smile to help their employees in 14 of their properties scattered around the country. This was due to the Coronavirus outbreak that tackle down every business including hospitality.

Remember Our Smile took especially the shareholders of ARTOTEL Group to save some of their money for the employees. This campaign will be held for at least 90 days ahead.

ARTOTEL Group hopes that there will be around IDR 150 M gathered from the donation. The money will be used to help the employees with groceries and some money to help them survive during this hard time.

Meanwhile, the CEO of ARTOTEL Group Erastus Radjimin also hopes that this campaign will attract more sympathy from the public. “We hope public will participate in order to give our employees some smile, ” he said.

For those who willingly participate in this Remember Our Smile campaign of ARTOTEL Group, you could visit their official website at or click: (*)