Ready to Cook Food by Dapoer Den Ayu

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Located at Jalan Sorowajan, Banguntapan, Bantul, Central Java Den Ayu Wedding Gallery which now turned into Dapoer Den Molek (Den Ayu Kitchen) served several ready to cook food.

Rani Mahisa the owner of Den Ayu Wedding Gallery in Yogyakarta now change her business plan to culinary world. This was because the wedding gallery has received zero perintah after coronavirus streak the country.

Steamboat, tomyam suki noodle, and another variant of noodle were served by Mahisa. Meatball and misoa also become one alternative their customers could choose. All of them includes the ready to cook ingredients.

“The idea came when my customers starting to cancell their orders. So we came up to this idea to support our family, ” Rani Mahisa, the owner of Dapoer Den Ayu said.

You could order those ready to cook food of Dapoer Den Ayu Yogyakarta from their Instagram or Facebook account. Or for those who lives not far away from their kitchen you could order it via Go Food or Grab Food. Or contact them via WhatsApp on +62857 8078-8400. (*)