Popiah, a Typical Spring Rolls of Medan West Sumatera

TIMESINDONESIA, MEDAN – Have you ever had a full plate of spring rolls for your dinner? Well, if you go to Medan, West Sumatera, you probably have a chance of having this interesting dining experience. The local community of Medan called this food as Popiah. But it’s widely known as Lumpia by the Indonesian community.

In both Malaysia and Singapore, it is also called popiah . Popiah also made of crusty thin crepe pastry skin. It’s just the size and the filling which make it different than other spring rolls in Nusantara. This spring rolls filled with minced lettuce, radish, crab or chicken or even beef.

Popiah “skin” is a soft, thin paper-like crepe or pancake made from wheat flour. The method of producing the wrapper involves making an extremely wet and viscous dough. A ball of this dough is held to the right hand, then quickly spread against a hot steel plate in a circular busana, and lifted.

The local community served it in two ways, deep fried or fresh. For those fried popiah, you will get a crispy crunchy taste of pastry, while for those fresh one you will be able to taste the filling more. Just like another lumpia or spring rolls, Popiah also made in to rolls. Some people will make it like a bowl look which then deep fried. Hmm,, interesting isn’t it?. (*)