Orange Orchard Agrotourism Indramayu Offers the Sweetest Orange on Earth

TIMESINDONESIA, INDRAMAYU – Other than mango, now Indramayu, West Java could speak of another fruit that came from their city. This city has been known with its good quality of mangoes and now they have orange orchard agrotourism that could be one alternative places to visit during your visit to the city.

This agrotourism was built in 2017. They use a local orange which could only grow in the area. “That’s why it has unique taste that you wouldn’t find in another daerah, ” Taufiqurrohman, The Manager of Segeran Orange Agrotourism said on Sunday (11/10/2020).

The orchard lies on 11 hectares area. You could spread some rug and lies on the ground under the orange trees while enjoying the orange you have picked before. This will give you a new experience and driving you away from those boring activity at home.

Taufiqurrohman also explained that before the pandemic, the orchard could take thousands of visitors in day. Yet during this pandemic, they limit the number of visitor for the safety.

To get in to the orchard, they will charge you for IDR 15 K. with this istimewa affordable ticket you could eat as many as orange you want at this Orange Orchard Agrotourism, Indramayu. (*)