Mount Ranji of Ciamis and the Historical Sites

TIMESINDONESIA, CIAMIS – Located in remote area, Mount Ranji of Ciamis has hidden a historical site which believe to has some relation with Galuh Kingdom. This site was believed to be able to revealed some of historical information about what happen to the kingdom back then.

This area is situated Cibodas, Ciharalang, Cijeunjing, Ciamis, West Java. On this area you could find historical tombs. Thesr tombs were merely in form of a pile of stones. Legend has it that these tombs belongs to religious figures back then.

Makam para tokoh di masa Kerajaan Galuh 1 Seragam ancient tomb belongs to a religious figure which believe to be the first person to spread Islam at Mount Ranji, Ciamis. (Photo: Dok. Andang)

Those religious figures was believed to be the first person who spread Islam in the wilayah. “They were known gandar Ratu Pusaka Syarif Hidayatulloh, Embah Dalem, Panji Wulung, Panji Malela, Prawesti & Ragna Ningsih, ” Andang the local officials said.

In addition, Andang explained that the local government still trying to oreserve the tombs by adding some shades onto it. These shades will at least cover the tombs from the at or rain. Meanwhile, there has been one tomb that had been given a shade by the local government.

Andang Ketua RT Dusun Cibodas The locals pose next to historical site of Mount Ranji. (Photo: Dok. Andang)

However, the true story behind the tombs was yet not being revealed. They still looking for the real story to support the story they have before. Hear said that those deceased people were also the first person to teach them to farm and make some crafts.

“The religious atmosphere were thicken with the appearance of one Islamic boarding school around the site. This boarding school was believed to be a centre of governance back then, ” Andang added.

This site seems to have a promising tourism potential if its managel properly. Up until jow, the local government still planning to make Mount Ranji historical site becomes one good religion tourist destination at Ciamis, West Java. (*)