Meet Darmi, a Cute Bengal Tiger Cub at Serulingmas Zoo

TIMESINDONESIA, BANJARNEGARA – Good news coming from Serulingmas Zoo, Banjarnegara, Central Java during this pandemic. One of their Bengal tiger gave birth to a cute cub they named Darmi. For now, this 3 month old cub has tried to roar the way her mother taught her.

Darmi was born on March, 1 2020. After she is strong enough the Zoo make an announcement of her birth. In her age, Darmi is very playful and show a good state of health. She hopes to be able to attract more visitors to this zoo.

“We are so happy to have her as one of our members, we hope she oud be the main star of the zoo by the time this zoo is reopened, ” Lulut Yekti, The Director of Serulingmas Zoo said on Wednesday (24/6/2020).

Darmi was born from one of two Bengal tigers which taken from Semarang Zoo for an exchange to a lion on May 2019. The Bengal tiger came from a specific population of the Panthera tigris subspecies that is native to Indina Subcontinent.

In 2011, there are only 2. 500 spotted for they suffered from habitat loos and hunters. Darmi hopes to give a new light for their existence. This cute adorable cub notably become the 5th member of Bengal tiger in Serulingmas Zoo, Banjarnegara, Central Java . (*)