Majalengka Allows Tourist Destinations to be Opened with Certain Requirements

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKA – The local government of Majalengka, West Java decided to let the local tourist destinations stay opened during this mass scale of social restriction. However they stated several conditions to be fulfilled by the tourist destinations in order to be able to open their place.

The Mayor of Majalengka, Karna sunshine said that this was to follow the government order about the opening of tourist destinations. However he stated several condition that need to be followed such as the duration of the opening from 08. 00 to 16. 00 local western time.

“They could open their place but they must to reduce the number of the staff and the visitors to 50 percent. This rule will be effective from 9-23 January 2021, ” the Mayor said on Saturday (9/1/2021)

Meanwhile, he also emphasize all the tourist destinations to follow the new sanitary standard and protocol. All the visitors and staff must to wear mask, and do the physical distancing. The management should also provide them with sinks for the visitors to wash their hand anytime anywhere.

Body thermal screening and hand sanitizer spot must also be provided by the management in order to keep their place allowed to be opened during this massive scale of social restriction. “Those tourist destinations which didn’t obey the rule will be given an equal punishment and they will need to pay some fee for it, ” the mayor of Majalengka ended. (*)