Let’s Peek How Indonesian Made Sale Pisang a. k. a Sweetened Banana Chips

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUMAS – Indonesia is a country which is blessed with billions of banana trees. It grows everywhere either in the farm or the local community depan yard and backyard. Once it ripens they will have tremendous stock of banana. And turn it into sale pisang or sweetened banana chips is one of their way to make it last longer.

Sarman, a local community of Randegan, Wangon, Banyumas, Central Java takes this chance and make it as his business. “I started this business from the scratch. I bbhave only IDR 25 K in my pocket back then as my first fund to buy all the ingredients needed, ” Sarman said.

Sarman started his business in 2007. With a few money left on his pocket to start the business he now has had around 15 people work to help him in the kitchen. They work 8 hours a day from 8 to 16 p. m.

For a bunch of banana, he will buy it for around IDR 3 K or 2 cents. In a day he could make around IDR 4000 K or $ 300. Even during the pandemic he keeps taking order from his customers.

For all this time, Sarman only used his social media accounts to introduce his product to the public. “I’m happy that they didn’t lose their loyalty to this chip. I even have more perintah recently, ” Sarman added.

Kusdiono, one of his loyal customer said that he always get Sale Pisang (sweetened banana chips) for his presents whenever he visit a family. “It tastes good and crunchy. I always have this chip for my family in Karawang whenever I visit them, ” Kusdiono said. (*)