Kelagian Island of Lampung a Perfect Spot for Diving

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Kelagian Island of Lampung has attracted the tourist to come by and admire its beauty. This island has dozens of beautiful spot to go which will make your holiday brighter. Especially for this Christmas and New Year’s Eve season.

You could reach this destination within 45 minutes drive from Bandar Lampung to Ketapang Harbor. You could go to the island by riding the boat from Ketapang Harbor. It will cost you around IDR 250 K per boat.

This island has a beautiful beach with vast stretched enchanting white sand make it has such a panoramic scene. The local management also builds some picturesque spot for selfie and some shade for rest.

The emerald green water makes the beach look so enchanting and mesmerize your eyes. You could take your kids for swimming for it has calm waves. Snorkeling and diving are another perfect alternative for you to enjoy the beauty of Kelagian Island.

Riding the banana boat could be another alternative activity to choose. Riding the banana boat on calm waves will give you another sensation and joy while enjoying this beautiful island.

Kelagian Island of Lampung could be one alternative place to go during holiday season. The beauty of the beach and ocean will make you never be able to forget this place and push you to come back for more. (*)