How to Properly Choose a Homemade Mask

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The government has ordered everyone to wear a mask whenever they go out of their house. Lots of people even turning their business and make more homemade mask. Yet little did everyone know that every mask created in different size and design to protect you from Coronavirus.

We could find lots variety of mask with dozens of colour and motif. And sometimes, we just took it for wee like the design. There is an easy way to choose a perfect mask for you regarding that everyone has different facial shape.

First, make sure its wide enough and could cover your nose to your chin. And give a little space of your nose so it won’t be tight enough and you will still be able to breath. Those mask with elastic rubber will be a perfect one to choose. Or those which has enough length of lace.

Second, choose those which has 3 layers. Usually these masks will have additional pouch where you could slip a tissue in it. But if you couldn’t find one, 2 layers of mask will be enough.

Third, make sure you choose the right material. Cotton would be preferable since this material is breathable and quite soft to your skin. Avoid choosing a woven material, or those masks made of polyester, spandex.

Last but not least, whatever the material your homemade mask was made of, make sure you clean it regularly, at least one mask each day or one mask each time you go out. This will help you protecting yourself from Coronavirus. (*)