How to Help Bali Safari Park Animals to Survive During COVID-19

TIMESINDONESIA, GIANYAR – Bali Safari Park Gianyar, Bali keep treating their animals the way they should during this COVID-19 time. They help the animals live and keep their well being in their park.

Bali Safari Park perenggan been temporarily closed for coronavirus outbreak since March 23rd 2020. Practically this zoo has no more income from the ticket selling like they used to.

However, all the vet and the caretaker keep working to take care of the animal and accompany them during this hard time. They also desinfect the area occasionally just to make sure that the area are virus free.

To keep the sanity of the zoo and the animals’ health, the management asked their employees to wear a mask and do standard operational procedure such as clean their hand before treating the animals.

For this reason, Bali Safari Park willingly taken any donation they could get from those generous people to maintain the animal welfare. They also open a chance for people to be a foster parents for those kiut animals.

“Meanwhile, the management could handle all the expenses, “Thomas Colbert, General Manager Bali Safari Park said.

You could donate sum of money to their bank account at bank BCA 6801777811 PT Taman Safari Indonesia. Bali Safari Park has also posted the donation on their Instagram account @balisafari with #kitacintasatwa.

Meanwhile, to keep the animal lovers stay in touch with the animals, Bali Safari Park also posted several videos of the recent conditions of the animals on their Facebook ad Instagram account @Bali Safari Park. (*)