Honey and Its Benefit to Your Body

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Honey is a natural sweetener that has so much benefit to your body. People even consume it as one of their daily diet regarding to the advantages it gave. Here we list you the benefit of soothing honey to your food or drink.

1. Gives you more energy

A glass of lukewarm water and 3 spoonfuls of honey could give you more energy during the day. You better take it before you sleep and you will sleep like a log and be like peduli Energizer bunny when you wake up.

2. Deflate your bloated belly

Drinking a glass of honey when you have a bloated belly could help you to ease the pain. Honey will neutralize all the gas in your belly as well to hydrate your body.

3. Help your digestion

The antioxidants in honey will help your digestion works better. It’s been known to help you deal with all kinds of digestive problems, including constipation and ulcers. For a homemade digestion aid, try tea with honey and lemon.

4. Strengthen your immune system

Lots of research has found that pytonutrients in honey have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that can help to boost your immune system and fight sickness. It could also protect you from free radical that goes into your body.

So what do you think after knowing the benefit of consuming honey? Will you add this marvelous drink to your diet? (*)