Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja Puts Their Clients’ and Staffs’ Safety on First

TIMESINDONESIA, YOGYAKARTA – In order to keep their clients and staff safe, Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja elevates their safety and hygiene standard. The health, safety and well-being of the hotel’s staff, guests, owners and partners remains their top priority as the world goes through this unprecedented crisis.

The hotel securing the area by disinfect every corner of the place on and off and regularly. They also install a sink at the entrance door and several corner of the hotel to ease their guests and clients to wash their hand whenever they need. Some hand sanitizer corners also spotted on several kawasan of the hotel.


“During this crisis, people become more aware of their safety. Their habits and behavior changes and cleanliness has become one priority, ” Asmoro Handriyanto, General Manager Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja, said on Wednesday (16/9/2020).

Still according to him, the hotel urges all the staffs guests, owners and partners to wear a mask while on the hotel area. They also equipped their staffs with face shileld and rubber glove while they are on duty.


Meanwhile, on the lobby area while you are checking in, the normal procedure such as body temperature screening, and all your luggage and bags will be disinfect before you get in to your room to keep your safety, including all those clients which coming for meeting not for stay.

All of them are urged to do physical distancing and minimize physical contact between one another. During this time, Grand Dafam Rohan Jogja limits the number of the guests staying as well the number of the guests which using all their public facilities such as pool and restaurant. (*)