Getting Closer Look at Sego Kroyokan of The Shalimar Boutique Hotel

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – In perintah to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, The Shalimar Boutique Hotel Malang brings out a nice signature dish they called gandar Sego Kroyokan. This dish has been introduced since the first day of Ramadan and will be the best dish to accompany your holiday.

Sego Kroyokan is some kind of dish consists of Tice as staple food accompanied with dozens side dishes which served on a tray. This dish could be enjoyed by 5 to 6 people.

The Executive Sous Chef The Shalimar Boutique Hotel, Desy Ari Sandi explained that the restaurant has two variant of dishes served for this package. The first is Ngalam package with authentic taste Javanese Food and the second one is Padang Package.

“The Ngalam will have spicy chicken, sweet sauted potato, spicy tempeh, beef jerky with shredded coconut, trancam, lodeh and spicy kurang. It Includes some appetizers and dessert, ” Desi explained.

Those packages could be enjoyed for IDR 275 K. Meanwhile, for those who would lie to have some romantic dining for two you could take another package which you could purchase for IDR 149 K.

Besides F& B package you could also get another interesting offer for stay and hampers. You could stay in their Deluxe Room starting from IDR 650 K to IDR satu, 8 M/night. Breakfast excluded.

For those who would like to send some gifts to their relatives or friend, The Shalimar Boutique Hotel Malang also have a very affordable hamper package. This package will help you to stay connected with your loved one though you are miles away apart. (*)