Get an Utmost Service of Shangri-La with Shangri-La Cares

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – New normal means a new day. This is what Shangri-La Hotel of Surabaya trying to bring up. This luxurious hotel offers another utmost service ad hospitality for all of their guests with Shangri-La Cares.

“The guests’ health and safety become our main concern. We always anticipate and trying to give them what they need before they asked to give them the most unforgettable experience during their stay at our hotel, ” Novy Amelia, Communications Manager Shangri-La Surabaya said on Friday (26/6/2020).

In addition, gandar one of their utmost service, Shangri-La also increase their sanitary standard for their guests’ comfortability. They have held a comprehensive Covid-19 protocol standard to ensure their guests and staff safety.

“We would like to show our sincerity by creating a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable, as well to ensure their safety and health, so that they can focus on their business, ” Novy added.

The hotel has also conducted comprehensive protocol to prevent the virus spread to their hotel. These protocols include increasing frequency and full attention to the thorough cleaning process on all surfaces and areas that are widely used by guests throughout the hotel, using hand sanitizers and disinfectants with medical standards approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Furthermore, the Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya also increased the frequency of cleaning air filters and air conditioning systems to ensure optimal minuman quality. They also take preventive actions in restaurants, meeting rooms and events by implementing physical distancing rule and improve food safety standards. (*)