Get a Wonderful Experience of Rafting with Rafting Ranau

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Those who loves a game involves water will love to have Rafting Ranau as one of their destination. The track will give you an absolute adrenaline booster once you grab the boat on the river.

Located at South OKU, South Sumatra it takes Selabung River gandar the main track. This place could be reach within minutes from Mekakau Ilir, and just a few minutes from Ranau Lake.


Selabung river is located between valleys and connects to Ranau Lake. The river has around 62 thousands gallons of water flows down the river each second. The flows has attracted so many visitors to this place.

The emerald green water of the river also become one most attractive thing in this sport. While you float on the boat you eyes will be mesmerized by the beuty of lush green trees on the river bank.


“It’s such a prominent place for tourist destination. You don’t to go to Bogor or some other place for rafting, because Rafting Ranau has it all, ” Iin Irwanto, a local visitors of South OKU, South Sumatra said. (*)