Eye Catchy Backgrounds for Your Zoom Video

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA Zoom has become very popular lately especially for a video conference or a meeting. Lots of company using this app to do a meeting with their relation or their employees who work from home.

If you using Zoom regularly, there are several tricks to make your background more eye catchy and interesting other than just a blank spot. Taken from Bustle here are six other ways you can amp up your Zoom video background:

1. Hang Up A Tapestry

Choose a design and color that suit to your style. A nice tapestry which suit your room theme will be a fun way to spice up the background of your Zoom videos chats. Make sure tou hang it in the background where you will do your Zoom video.

2. Bulletin Board

A bulletin board will help you get an office ambience. Hang it up on your wall. It will make your little room looking like your new office. Stick some notes of your work or some of your pictures to add some personal touch.

3. Add more lighting

A good lighting will make your face look better in camera. Its ok for you if you have a meeting or Zoom video in the day. But during night you might need to consider to add more lighting to get the best shoot.

“Placing lamps at both sides of your desk is kind of like creating your own gelang-gelang light, and can help bring more attention to your face, ” Cohen said on Bustle.

4. Take advantage of your window

Sit next to your window will give you more advantages. Biasa light is a great way to lift the ambience of a room. Beside, the beautiful scenery outside the window could be a good background for your Zoom.

5. Clean Up

A nice tidy looking room will be a good background for your zoom video. Never forget to make your room and clean it daily incase your boss asked for a sudden meeting.

6. Use Your Bookshelf

If you have a private library, a pile of book on your bookshelf could be a good background for your Zoom gambar . Not only will it highlight your collection, but it’s also a subtle way to create the appearance of a workspace even from home.