Enjoying the Sunset at Bukit Lindungan Alam Pangandaran

TIMESINDONESIA, PANGANDARAN – The sunsets are best enjoyed on the beach, especially in Bukit Cagar Alam Pangandaran in West Java.

There were a handful of visitors admiring the beautiful sunset in Bukit Cagar Alam when TIMES Indonesia came there on Thursday (7/1/2021).

Mostly, the visitors like to come there on the afternoon just to enjoy the sunset. This tourist attraction is located in a high place, which makes it as the best place to nyantai the sunset. In addition to that, this place is near to the beach, which becomes the icon of this tourist attraction.

While enjoying the sunset and playing with the white sands, the visitors may also enjoy the iconic wreck of Viking ship.

Angga Sekarsany, one of the visitors from Jakarta, said, “I like to enjoy the sunset. It is the best stress reliever. ”

You can reach Bukit Boreh Alam Pangandaran by a boat or by foot. It takes around 10 minutes to walk by foot, and around 3-5 minutes by boat. (*)