Enjoy the Magnificent Twilight at Miring Merah Banyuwangi

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi has always pampered the visitors with magnificent beauty. From the scenery around, the sand, to its marvelous breath-taking twilight. This is all you asked for.

At day this beach will mesmerize your eyes with its pure white color of the sand and the crystal clear water. Not only that, in the early evening when the sun sets, you could have the most beautiful twilight you could ever see.


The nice orange marmalade like will precede and turns into shocky red cut across the sky make the scenery looks so fabulous.

This beach has been closed for 4 months for the pandemic. Yet now, the local government decided to reopen the place with the new safety standards.

Several people have been waiting to visit Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi for they longing for its beauty. The beauty of twilight has made them enchanted to this beautiful beach. (*)