Enjoy the Beauty of Mural Art at Kampung Warna Cisayong

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Tasikmalaya has another place to go during your holidays. This place called as Daerah Warna Cisayong. This Kampong or kampung offers the beauty of mural art made by the local artist.

This Kampung located at RT 01/02/03 RW 06 Cisayong, Cisayong, Tasikmalaya, West Java. “It was firstly opened for public on April 2020 and manage by the local village enterprise, ” Egi Supriadi, the Manager of Wilayah Cisayong said.

Still according to him, the idea came out from the villagers. They want something different and new for their village. This idea approved by the Chief of Village and applied gandar soon as possible.

They ask the local artist, Jajang Joker to help them with the mural. All the villagers responded favorably fir the idea and let Jajang do his magic on their wall.

“They have such positive feedback towards the idea. I don’t really have specific theme for it. I just do the best I could on their wall. It is all around 600 meter long, ” Jajang explained.

To get in to Dukuh Warna Cisayong and enjoy the beauty, you will need to pay a ticket for IDR 2 K. Such an affordable price for a nice looking of mural art. (*)