Don’t Do This in Ramadhan If You Don’t Want to Fast For Nothing

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Ramadhan usually used by all muslims in the world to make them more religious by doing good deeds and following their religion rule such as fasting. However there are things that will make your fast for nothing.

Not knowing why you need to fast

A popular sheikh Ibn Al Qayyim one said, whomsoever do something without knowledge just like a blind person who lost his/her stick. Gaining more knowledge is so important. Knowing why you need yo do fasting in Ramadhan is also important.

Not doing your regular prayer

If you fast all day, but you didn’t do the regular 5 times prayer in a day, then your fast becomes nothing. Shalah or regular prayer is the most important way to connect you to the God. If you dont do this, you lost your wire that connect you to God.

Keep doing your bad habit

If you keep doing bad habit, such as drinking, partying, robbing, deceiving, backbiting, cheating and more other you will lose the essence of fast in Ramadhan. Mohammad once said takrn by Ahmad 2; 373 “How many people fast, but do not benefit from it except thirst and hunger, “.

Become stingy in Ramadhan

Ramadhan is the best time to do all good deeds and helping the poor to taste some kindness of the rich. If you keep being stingy and have less empathy or sympathy you’re going to waste this precious moment. Share some food or iftgar meal with another people is the easiest way to do.

Doing your ritual Ramadhan night prayer like a jet

“The best way to do shalah is the one which standing longer, ” Mohammad said on Muslim: 756. (*)