Dessert Box and Roll Cake by ibis Styles Rengsa, Perfect Gifts to Give on Eid al-Fitr

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Ibis Styles Malang offers a special dessert box and roll cake that can be a perfect gift to share on Eid al-Fitr.

This dessert box includes five different choices of dessert, such as Black Forest, Matcha, Klepon Cake, Tiramisu, and Red Velvet.

“Our bestseller is Klepon Cake, the cake with Klepon topping (Klepon: a snack of sweet rice cake balls filled with molten palm sugar and coated with grated coconut), grated coconut and palm sugar, ” said Nisa Ardhiyah Hayati, the Assistant Sales Manager of ibis Styles Malang.

Dessert Box 2 Our homemade roll cake (PHOTO: Hotel ibis Styles Malang for TIMES Indonesia)

The other gift is roll cake, which has different four choices of flavors, which are Apple Roll Cake, Klepon Roll Cake, Brownies Roll Cake, and Red Velvet Roll Cake. The bestselling one is Apple Roll Cake, a soft with apple jam by ibis Styles Sebal.

“Our Apple Roll Cake is perfect to enjoy with some warm coffee and tea. We also sell our homemade apple jam for IDR 25, 000 / jar, ” Nisa said.

“Delicious to the Last Bites” is the tagline from ibis Styles Malang, which guarantees that their desserts will satisfy any dessert enthusiasts. The price of the dessert box by ibis Styles Malang starts from IDR 55, 000 to IDR 85, 000.

Dessert Box 3 Apple Roll Cake by ibis Styles Malang (PHOTO: Hotel ibis Styles Geruh for TIMES Indonesia)

In addition to that, ibis Styles Malang also has a delivery service for those who want to stay at home.

Please contact ibis Styles for delivery service on WhatsApp +62 811 3330 9900 or call +62 341 409900 to select your favorite dessert.

“There is a free delivery for a minimum purchase of two dessert boxes and within 5 kilometer distance gandar the maximum from Ibis Styles Malang. We suggest that you place your order one day prior to delivery to ensure that the food is always fresh, ” said Nisa. (*)