Department of Tourism Banyuwangi will Hold an Archaeological Exhibition

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – The local department of Tourism Banyuwangi, East Java will hold an archaeological exhibition to show several of their collection. This exhibition will be held early in this month for 3 days (3-5/9/2020).

Several historical objects made of stone, clay, ceramic and wood will be displayed at the Mayor’s office yard of Banyuwangi.  Through this exhibition, the local government would like to bring people back to ancient time.  


During the exhibition the department of tourism will also hold a cultural workshop daily with 50 participants at most. At the end of the day they will be entertained by some cultural performance of the local artists.

Vlog and scientific report competition about culture and history will also be held to lighten up the event. Each of the participants will compete against other to win IDR10000 K for the best 6.

You could submit all the vlog and scientific report you have till August 3 2020. You only need to submit your video or research and it’s all for free.

The archaeological exhibition of Banyuwangi planned to be closed on August 5 2020 at19.00 local western times. The winners of the competitions will be announced at the same day. The visitors will also be entertained with a puppet show performance by Ki Mudo Juwito Gendeng. (*)