Coconut-Grilled Rice from Pati, a Tasteful Delicacy

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Kopyor coconut can be made into various delicacies. Not only for desserts, but these products of genetic abnormalities from coconuts can be made into a delicious coconut-grilled rice. This tasteful dish is originated from Ngagel Village, Dukuseti, Pati, Central Java.

Ngagel Village in Pati, Central Java is already famous for its kopyor coconuts. Kopyor coconuts from this village have a distinguished taste from any other kopyor coconuts. This village has the best kopyor coconuts.

From the advantage of this village, Laila Hikmatus, a local from Ngagel Village found an idea to create the coconut-grilled rice made with kopyor coconut.

Laila explained how to make one of this delicacy. First, you need to open the coconut from its side. Then, you need to pour a little cup of rice into the coconut.

“Coconut water is the most important ingredient to make a delicious coconut-grilled rice. It gives the rice a distinguished taste for this grilled rice, ” gandar reported by Patinews.

To give a sensational and stronger taste, you can add stir-fry spices, such as chili, onion, garlic, galangal, and bay leaves. You can choose to add some meats, salted fish, or egg slices.

After you put all the ingredients into the coconut shell, you can start to grill the coconut.

After the shell gets darker, you can take the coconut-grilled rice out from the grill, thus it is ready to be served. You can taste the spicy and tasteful sensation of this sensational dish. (*)