Cititrans of Traveloka, Your Safest Vehicle on Every Trip You Have

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Speaking about limited budget travellers, you might need to consider Cititrans of Traveloka Clean Trip for every trip you do or you will have. This platform has an interesting offer of transportations that will accompany you during your trip or journey.

Nowadays people tend to choose a safest vehicle for their trip. A vehicle that urges the newest protocol to the passenger and where everyone aware of the importance to follow the protocol.

Dalam CT53

With Traveloka Clean Trip, you could determine your time of arrival or departure to your or from your destination. You could also pick your own route if you knew the track already. You could even choose your own driver, amazing isn’t it?

Most and foremost, all the vehicle will be disinfect earlier after or before it being used by you just to make sure your safety. The driver will wear mask anytime during your time of boarding. And they number of the passenger were also limited.

You could try their Cititrans for your first experience. Cititrans is one huge travel company with years of experience in handling their customers with dozens of positive reviews written by their clients.


During this time, the company even raised their hygiene standard to match the newest guidelines given by the government or WHO. All the vehicles also equipped with fancy facilities such as ac, a nice and cozy bench, huge trunk, plug on every row to ease you charge your phone.

Well, what do you think? Will you use Cititrans by Traveloka for your trip?