Chicken Soup of Boyolali to Bring Your Mood of the Day Back

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Indonesian chicken soup or soto tend to have yellowish color from the turmeric. Yet Boyolali chicken soup has distinctive way of serving the chicken soup with lighter and thinner taste of broth.

Hiwever, Boyolali chicken soup’s taste will be as marvelous as any other Soto or chicken soup you have ever had. This chicken soup was made of local ingredients, spices or herbs, such as shallot, garlic, ground pepper, lemongrass, local bay leaves, lemon leaves, ginger, and candlenut.

As the way you cook your regular chicken soup you need to put the chicken in the boiling water to make sure its germ free as well to make the meat soft and tender and to keep the broth clean. After it’s done, let it sit for a while, while you do the ingredients.

Grind the rest of the ingredients, except the bay leaves, lemon leaves, lemongrass, ginger, just crush them and sauted them all in a pan. Once you smell the nice aroma of the ingredients you could put the chicken in it.

And then add some water in to it and let it boiling for an hour to make the taste combined into the chicken meat. After all is done, you could deep fry the chicken and then shredded it.

You could serve Boyolali chicken soup or soto with several condiments such as fried onion spring, fried diced potato, boiled egg (cut in two), celery, and bean sprout. And, you could also add some chili sauce or soy sauce in to it. Happy cooking!!!. (*)