Batik Mask of Bontang East Kalimantan Could be Your Unique Protector from Covid-19

TIMESINDONESIA, BONTANG – Nowadays, people even trying to create masks with exotic pattern to protect them from coronavirus. Including those Batik Mask of Bontang East Kalimantan.

Sayid Abdul Kadir Assegaf this talented young and creative guy, explores his creativity by creating a lovely adorable Batik Bontang mask.

Beside to protect people from coronavirus, this mask also intended to introduce Batik of Bontang to the community.

At first, this guy was only making several masks for his family. But then, the local community interested after seeing his products.

“I was just intending to make a few mask from the leftover fabric I had here, but then they attracted to it, so what can I say, ” Assegaf said on Friday (1/5/2020).

For now, two of his employees and him produce around 150 pieces of Batik Mask of Bontang daily. You could get it for IDR 10 K. You could get discount if you buy it in a large amount.

This Menulis Mask of Bontang (East Kalimantan) was made in two layers. “We intend to make a product that could save and protect people from coronavirus, not just produce it because it’s pretty, ” Assegaff added. (*)