Avoid Having a Cup of Tea During Your Iftar

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Starting your iftar with sweet things is a sunnah, which means good to be done as well good to boost the number of glucose in our body. However, there several sweet beverage that you need to avoid during iftar including tea.

“Water us the best thing to be consume to rehydrate your body. And then food with natural sweeter in it such as dates to stabilize the number of glucose in the bloodstream, ” Rita Ramayulis, a nutritionist said.

Rita also doesn’t recommend you to take any a cup of tea since it has only sucrose instead of glucose which is needed by the body. She also suggesting everyone to take banana, watermelon, or papaya instead of a cup of tea.

To avoid getting bored with all those food with glucose, Rita also explained that we could turned those food into a more interesting dessert or beverage such as juice, milkshake, any tempting dessert.

“Kolak or banana sweet soup, mango milkshake, banana milkshake, mango dessert, banana boat, could be alternative to avoid a cup of tea during your iftar, ” Rita added. (*)