Anjani Trip Ready to Take You to Labuan Bajo

TIMESINDONESIA, NTT – Anjani Trip, a tour and travel agency prepares a tour package to Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara which has been reopened for the last few weeks.

They even took several influencers to attract more visitors as well to show the visitors that the place has been adequate enough to be visited nowadays.

They took several popular local influencers from YouTube and Instagram such as Sabian Tama, Awkarin, Keanu, Eri Carl, Dara Arafah and Sarah Gibson. 


The company which was established in 2015 offers an interesting price for the package. They also pay more attention on the clients’ safety especially during this pandemic.

Beside Labuan Bajo, they also have several other tour packages such as komodo tour, trip to Sumba (overland Sumba), Derawan tour, and Raja Ampat.

You could go by yourself or in a group with your friends or family. This also goes to foreign tourist as well.


“They all are some influencers that support back to tourism campaign to bring Indonesian back to life,” Julio the Founder of Anjani Trip said Monday (24/8/2020).

Awkarin and all the influencers taken to this trip posted their experiences on their Instagram. They also show the beauty of Labuan Bajo from a small cruise the Anjani Trip provided.  

They also took a moment with Komodo, the last living dragon ever live in the world. They were also taken to visit Pink Beach, one of the iconic places at Labuan Bajo.

Anjani Trip also took them to some other places at Labuan Bajo, you could see more oftheir activities at awkarin Instagram account @awkarin. (*)