Amazing Places to Hang Out at Majalengka

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKA – Are you about to go to Majalengka in the meantime? Oh well, you should make a list of which place to visit because this city has tremendous amazing places to hang out that you should visit. Without any further do, let’s check it out.

1. Taman Raharja

Located at Jalan KH Abdul Halim Majalengka, this place offers the true local delicacy that you could have to accompany your night. All the food is very affordable. You could have a cup of coffee for few pennies.

2. Humble Coffe Hafidz Café

This café is situated at Jalan KH Abdul Halim Majalengka. This café would be a perfect place to spend your night while enjoying a cup of coffee and several munchies they served. The beautiful view around and the exotic design will make time flies without you even notice and all you know that it’s your time to go home.

3. Roakrak Coffee Shop

Roakrak will pamper your belly with wonderful taste of coffee made by their talented barista. This coffee shop has a classic modern design which will give you an unique ambience and make you feel comfortable all the way you take your coffee.

4. Oaks Café

Oaks Café with its modern end concept and located not far away from West Java International Airport will become a perfect place to welcome those tourists either those domestic or foreign tourist.

5. Kopi Majelis Café

Those who addicted to coffee need to find this place. Kopi Tertib Café of Majalengka will pamper their customers with amazing taste of coffee which made with skill and consistency. It’s a must to visit place for coffee lovers. (*)