All Time Animated Movies to Accompany Your Leisure Time

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Movie time with your family is one awaited time where you can hang out with your family and spent more qualified time with them. Animated movies like cartoon and such thing like it will be a good choice to be enjoyed with your loved one including your kids. We have a list of several all-time animated movies you could watch with your loved one. Check this out.

1. Lion King

This Disney animated movie tells a story about a casted our cub that should fight his own uncle after he grown up. His uncle was a villain and apparently kill his father to take his throne as Lion King.

dua. Ice Age

As its name Ice Age took a time when the world is covered with ice back then as a setting. It tells about an awkward relationship of awkward pack consist of Manny the mammoth, Diego the cyber-tooth tiger, and Sid the sloth. Up until now, there has been 5 episodes made for this animated movie.

3. Madagascar

Madagascar is a 2005 American computer-animated comedy film about the adventure of Marty escapes from the zoo with a crack quartet of penguins – Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private – and his three friends follow him, trying to make him see sense but to no avail. On reaching Grand Central Station, the animals are mistaken to be aggressive and are shipped off to a Kenyan wildlife preserve by the zoo authorities.

4. Finding Nemo

This animated movie tells the story of Nemo, a clownfish baby which is captured during a swim to the surface. The journey begins when his father and Dory, a friend he met n the way he look for his son trying to swim across the deep blue ocean.

5. Rio

This animated movie tells a story of Blue a rare macaw bird which was captured by dealers and smuggled to the USA. On the way he transferred to USA his cage fallen and he found by a lovely lady who then pet him and teach him hundreds of tricks. Unfortunately, raised by a human makes Blue doesn’t know how to fly. The story begins when he then kidnapped by another smuggler when he visited Brazil.

You could add these all-time animated movies on your list next time you have movie time with your family. You could also tell them to pick up a lesson or two from it. (*)